Web TV

May 20, 2008

In the swift changing world of modernization, where all possible means are invented to make lives easier, Web TV – the online arm of Marine BizTV, allows us to access the entire maritime world in a click. Web TV operates with a vision of bringing the entire maritime world to your desktop. This makes Marine BizTV accessible from anywhere at anytime. It provides full-fledged support to the Satellite channel and acts as an internet television-streaming media with both video and audio webcast coverage of the maritime world. With live updates and informative videos as its core features, WebTV is thoughtfully positioned as a key player in the digital broadcast revolution in the present scenario. Keeping pace with the modern era, there are a couple of innovative concepts introduced by Marine BizTV that helps in building a sophisticated and safer maritime future for the coming years.


Some of the ongoing and upcoming projects of Marine BizTV are listed below:-

Video Archive

Video Archive is an online storehouse of all videos aired by Marine BizTV.

Marine BizTV is abundant in maritime videos to satisfy the spirit of every marine enthusiast. There are programmes to entertain as well as educate the rapidly growing maritime world. The broad spectrum of programmes is classified into several categories. Infotainment being the core offering, Marine Biz TV programmes concentrates on the whole of the maritime industry. It provides a unique database on the complete list of maritime programmes the channel has telecast till date. It is an enriching visual library of information on the maritime world. The specific programme can be retrieved from the database on providing relevant details about a particular programme such as programme title, description, category or by the date of telecast. Any common user can find a particular programme telecast at any time of the year. Video archive is also a very constructive study material for students aspiring in the maritime field. http://www.video.marinebiztv.com

Shoot ‘n’ Share

Shoot ‘n’ Share is a platform that covers and shares corporate gatherings.

As the name suggests, Shoot ‘n’ Share aims to promote social and business networking among the entire maritime fraternity through shooting, uploading and sharing of maritime videos, either corporate or entertainment. Shoot n Share provides ample space on this exclusive portal for maritime videos for any type of marine videos, corporate or amateur ones. Inviting marine aficionados Shoot n Share acts as a searchable database for maritime industry entities. In a more personal way, it caters to the need of the end user. Videos like annual corporate gatherings, local outings, in-house award ceremonies etc can be shared through the exquisite zone of Shoot n Share. The channel shoots videos on request and shares the same worldwide through Shoot n Share. Meanwhile, Shoot n Share keeps you tuned and informed about other companies’ profile, organization and updates. Videos can be shot and uploaded either self or through Marine BizTV. http://www.marinebiztv.com/sns

Events Calendar

It is an online encyclopedia of all maritime events.

There is a plethora of maritime events taking place each day and thus arises our need for a maritime calendar. A maritime event is of great importance to the marine corporate entities as events are the perfect time for them to converge, make announcements and explore newer grounds for business. Each event possesses its own significance. There are events pertaining to shipping, logistics & trade, marine life, marine pollution and its aftermaths, shows on latest gizmo, gadgets, equipments and machinery and many more, thereby making a complete fiesta. The events calendar provides an exclusive list of all maritime happenings across the world. It incorporates not only the forthcoming events but also the ongoing and bygone event. Events also include boat shows, cruises, yacht races making it the stage for fun and adventure. Apart from this, the video footages of the bygone events are also attached to it, giving hands on experience of the event itself. Event sponsorships, advertisements, booth booking, online promotion, event tie-up, visitors pass and much more are open through a single entry in the Events Calendar.


Corporate Press Box

Corporate Press Box showcases all the promotional materials of a company.

Corporate Press Box is a brand new venture of Marine BizTV that acts as a direct window exhibiting corporate vista of a company, along with all the latest developments. It is specially designed to promote and satisfy the corporate entities. All promotional materials of a company like Press Releases, E-Brochures, E-Newsletters, Circulars, Catalogues, Presentations, etc can be uploaded in the Corporate Press Box on request, giving advantage to the end user. This helps to boost up the public esteem of a corporate in turn opening up many new realms for future business. It enhances the business through a range of maritime patrons all over the globe. Depending on their needs of promotion, any corporate entity can subscribe to the Corporate Press Box. A user account will be created for the user, which includes a login name and a password. The user can sign in using the login name anytime they want and can upload their promotional materials.


MV!D (Maritime Visual Directory)

MV!D contains information on all maritime companies, which can be used as an effective tool for decision makers.

Maritime Visual Directory is the world’s first and only visual maritime directory ever made. A maritime visual directory is of great significance to marine corporate entities or business concerns as it provides details of all companies that come under the maritime domain. It incorporates a comprehensive list of maritime companies, searchable according to the requirement of the end user. The user friendly MV!D enables us to retrieve information on any marine company with much ease. It also provides an innovative flowchart/ tree design on the activities, branches, products, services, geographic regions, dealers, distributors, etc. of a company. MV!D also includes product videos, sales presentations, advertisement, product displays, corporate videos etc. MV!D facilitates live video conferencing, where the end user can view products or presentation and converse live to the company representatives through the web directory interface. Separate spaces are allotted for the clients to place their queries. It also acts as a platform to interact with the clients.


Video Resume

Video Resume is the video coverage of resumes of students, employees, employers and universities in the marine industry.

Video Resume covers the resumes of the job aspirants maritime institutions worldwide, in a more sophisticated way, offering them an increased reachability. The new concept enables the students/ employer/ employee and universities to present themselves in an advanced way with the powerful aid of the visual media. A video resume covers the Curriculum Vitae of applicants, who belong to various streams of maritime studies from various colleges across the world. An applicant can present his academic credentials, career interests, hobbies, visions etc in front of the camera for a duration of 5 minutes. These videos will be aired through Marine Biz TV channel, from where the employers can easily select their candidates. This enables the employers to evaluate the candidates virtually by analyzing their body language, linguistic and presentation skills. Through Video Resume, Marine BizTV ties up with the maritime industries across the world and intends to act as a medium between the prospective employers and the employees. Video Resume is also the stepping-stone for the ambitious project of Marine BizTV – Marine BizTV Maritime University.


Biz Dollar

Biz Dollar is an online business network where in the user can maintain existing relationships and create new ones.

It is a cost-per-action based service initiated by Marine BizTV, which help subscribers to generate online revenue from the website based on the activities done by them. Biz dollar helps to create an online business network where in the user can maintain/create relationships with pictures, messages and videos Based on the activities, a person will be delivered relevant points/ratings/dollars. Thus, he can start earning his online money. To get started with Biz Dollar programme, the user should first create his/her own account in Marine BizTV, followed by a profile, and can start the business right away with millions of people across the globe. After creating a username and profile, he/she can log in using the same and participate in activities. Biz dollar delivers relevant points/dollars that are precisely targeted to all the activities done by the user on the site.

Marine Shots

Marine Shots is the image gallery with an exclusive and myriad collection of maritime images.

An ultra new kind venture initiated by Marine BizTV, Marine Shots enables the user to access a wider range of marine images online. A user can obtain the most befitting and pertinent maritime images both technical and non-technical.. Marine Shots is a generous storehouse of photographs in the marine world. An extensive collection of maritime images viz. vessels, onshore, offshore, organizations, ports, harbors, marinas, shipwrecks and lots more are available through Marine Shots. A user can not only view the snaps online but can also buy or sell photographs through this.

OTV – Official Television Channel

OTV entitles associating with fifty most reputed global players in the marine industry and to cover all their events exclusively.

‘Media Face’- the ‘Official Television Channel’, associates with fifty lead players in the maritime industry. Being the Official Television Channel, Marine BizTV is entitled to make the exclusive coverage and promotions of all activities, events and programmes of these fifty companies, taking place anytime, in any part of the world. The top-notch global players in the maritime industry are identified and short listed, and Marine BizTV is to be associated as their Official Television Channel. The visual and online media will serve the marketing requirements as well, as desired by these companies. This new mission is aimed to strengthen the bondage between clients, as we consider them as our most prized possessions.


ITV – Internet Television

ITV stands for Internet Television that is distributed via internet with, live streaming facility, high accessibility and low cost being its core features.

The live streaming facility of the content together with high accessibility and low cost make it an excellent tool to increase the viewership. It is an efficient model due to relatively inexpensive multicasting protocol. What it takes to get started with an Internet Television is a broadband connection and a media player to watch live television from any part of the globe. Viewers may simply request access to the live feed and join in to the live stream. Marine BizTV is also brought to the desktop through internet television where one can view the programmes live, in parallel to the aired ones in the Satellite channel. The access through internet television does not need a digital receiver or encoder and can be freely accessed by anyone from anywhere in the world. The major attracting feature of Internet TV is that, it allows content delivery to a huge population with virtually no geographical limitations in a minimal cost. With this flexibility in access, Marine BizTV becomes more reachable to the marine enthusiasts from across the world.

Marine BizAlert

Marine BizAlert is all about sending maritime updates in the form of SMS.

Marine BizAlert operates with an aim to update its decision makers on all the latest happenings in the marine industry. SMS alerts act as an active marketing cum promotion tool. Mobile Alerts offer a wide range of immediate text messaging solutions that suits well to the business. The information is sent through SMS, which means ‘Short Message Service’. Marine Biz Alert includes SMS sending to a single person as well as a group. Information on different types of categories like marine services, boats and yachts, ports and harbour, vessel design construction etc. are available in the form of text messages. SMS includes latest news in the marine and maritime industry that are informative, details regarding frequency/ band width/ satellite, IMC/Password/ website features/ search options/ direct links /upcoming projects and its development status/ important events/exhibition/seminars/ personality interviews etc.


Internet Protocol Television is a more interactive and personalized way of watching TV, providing high-quality multi-channel television and streamed/downloadable video.

The `IP’ in its name stands for Internet Protocol and refers to the method of sending information over a secure, tightly managed network that results in a superior entertainment experience. They are delivered via IP protocols of the web, and displayed on the TV set. IPTV is a more interactive and personalized way of watching TV that results in a customized content delivery. It delivers television programmes to households via broadband connection. It offers key advantages over existing TV cable and satellite technologies. It requires a subscription and an IPTV set-top box. The real advantage of IPTV is that it uses Internet Protocols to provide two-way communication for interactive television. One can also receive Web service notifications on incoming emails and instant messages while watching IPTV. The viewers of IPTV will have full control over functionality such as rewind, fast-forward, pause, and so on. Marine BizTV is also implemented through IPTV from which the worldwide clients and customers of Marine BizTV can access an economical, user friendly and multi purpose television watching system.

How to watch Marine BizTV through IPTV?

· Marine BizTV high quality video can be delivered to home or business using high speed internet connection

· Set-top box connects Internet to TV.

· This would deliver high quality content that can be viewed on television just like a normal television.

Video Bay

Video Bay is the exclusive platform for buying and selling of maritime videos.

It is the exclusive portal offered by Marine BizTV to buy or sell corporate videos. Any type of marine and maritime videos can be bought or sold through Video Bay. The online display of the videos gives ease and opportunity for the corporate entities and the marine enthusiasts to buy or sell corporate videos or any maritime video that they want to afford. The corporate can use this as an excellent tool to promote and thereby increase the viewership of their videos. It can be used as an effective marketing tool to trade your company. The high access and reachability of the online arm of Marine BizTV helps the corporate videos to reach every nook and corner of the world .Apart from this, Video Bay also allows us to download the required video from the website. It is an open forum where people can meet each other based on their buying or selling needs. It is the virtual treasure of corporate videos with UNMATCHED QUALITY.

Virtual Exhibition

It gives a virtual experience of participating and interacting in an exhibition.

For people who missed out an exhibition or for those who want to see the exhibition again, the virtual exhibition plays an effective role. The actual exhibition will be virtually exhibited online, where people can log in and see the exhibition as it had taken place. The virtual exhibition also enables people or the corporates to buy products for which an order has to be placed before hand. Exhibition taking part in any part of the world can be covered through virtual exhibition. Moreover, it also enables corporates and marine enthusiasts to see an exhibition as many times as they want, by logging on to this particular site.


The Grid System

May 15, 2008

Imagine being able to download a movie within seconds or send your entire music collection at the same high speed ??

The new lightning fast “Grid” system will be unlocked this summer, which will be able to process information at 10,000 times faster than a current broadband connection and is poised to make the current Internet seem slower than snail mail. The Grid is expected to make the Internet obsolete and will have the capability to download movies, music catalogues, and databases in seconds. “The Grid”, at speeds of 10,000 times faster than broadband, created by scientists at Cern, the center for experimental physics will become a web of its own.

Scientists realized that the data from the LHC (Large Hadron Collider) would generate more annual data than it could be stored – approximately 56m CDs. Thus, the Grid project began, seven years ago at CERN, near Geneva. In order to accommodate the influx of data, CERN had to develop another solution. The lightning-fast Grid will become visible after Scientists at Cern decide for their “red button” day, when they will switch-on the LHC, a new particle accelerator built to probe the origin of the universe and the grid will be activated at the same time to capture the data it generates.

As the Internet was evolved by linking together of a hotchpotch of cables and routing equipment, it lacks the capacity for high-speed data transmission. Links that connected the servers and systems determined the current speed of the Internet but as the connectors and routers were designed for telephone calls, processes were limited to a degree. By contrast, the grid has been built with dedicated fibre optic cables and modern routing centres and as a result, there are no outdated components to slow the deluge of data. “The Grid” will be able to provide enough power needed to transmit holographic images; allow instant online gaming with hundreds of thousands of players; and offer high-definition video telephony for the price of a local call due to accelerated power.

David Britton, a Physics professor at Glasgow University and one of the principal figures in the Grid project, believes that the new technology could “revolutionize” society. “With this kind of computing power, future generations will have the ability to collaborate and communicate in ways older people like me cannot even imagine,” he said. There are 55,000 grid servers already installed, a figure that is expected to rise to 200,000 within the next two years.

Professor Tony Doyle, the Grid project’s technical director said, “We need so much processing power, there would even be an issue about getting enough electricity to run the computers if they were all at CERN. The only answer was a new network powerful enough to send the data instantly to research centers in other countries.”

Ian Bird, project leader for CERN’s high-speed computing project opinionates that grid technology could make the Internet so fast that people would stop using desktop computers to store information and entrust it all to the Internet. Users would use the new “Cloud computing” as a common way to organize personal and private information that would be stored on the Grid and accessible from anywhere.

The Grid will allow thousands of Research Centers, Universities, etc. share their data storage resources and computing power transforming the Internet into a giant global “Super Computer” and building capacity for the science of tomorrow.

However, the grid is unlikely to be directly available to domestic internet users, many telecoms providers and businesses are already introducing its pioneering technologies. One of the most potent is so-called dynamic switching, which creates a dedicated channel for internet users trying to download large volumes of data such as films. In theory, this would give a standard desktop computer the ability to download a movie in five seconds rather than the current three hours or so.

Moreover, the grid is being made available to dozens of other academic researchers including astronomers, molecular biologists and even to design new drugs against malaria, the mosquito-borne disease that kills a large number of people worldwide each year. Researchers used the grid to analyse 140m compounds – a task that would have taken a standard internet-linked PC 420 years. Irrespective of names, all sectors are going to reap huge benefits on the discovery of the latest Grid system.

Grid has the potential to make great changes in development of cutting-edge scientific technology and new products in areas like nanotechnology and biotechnology. Marine BizTV R &D team is formulating plans to implement the grid system for projects viz.

§ MViD (Maritime Visual Directory)

§ Video Archive

§ Virtual Exhibition

§ DAM Movie Distribution (1 million free copies for maritime community)

First global maritime TV channel launched

May 15, 2007

The world’s first global maritime television channel Marine BizTV was launched in Dubai. The free-to-air television channel is the initiative of Aries Marines, the Middle East’s largest ship design and consultancy firm based in Sharjah.

MD and CEO of Aries Marines and Marine BizTV Sohan Roy said that the vision of the new television station based in Kochi, Kerala, is to become the single point of contact for all maritime activities and information worldwide.

It also aims “to propagate and help create a safe maritime world, become an educative and informative media for the whole maritime industry, provide a supportive platform to create awareness about the opportunities and developments in the industry and to redefine the market place for maritime buyers where brand owners are provided with new and exciting ways to market their products and services,” Roy said.

The features of the television channel include global coverage, parallel coverage on web TV, clubbed with marine communities around the world, immediate reception and delivery of news, catalyzing maritime business worldwide, focusing on maritime market hubs, penetration into underdeveloped markets, expressing and exchanging ideas and use as a source of information.

The website of the television http://www.marinebiztv.com was launched on Jan. 1 this year, followed by the Internet TV on March 1. The satellite channel for Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia was launched on May 1, followed by the official launch in Dubai on Tuesday.

Launch of the TV for the rest of the world is slated for August 1 this year, Roy said. “As the only TV channel dedicated to the marine industry, our reach extends to a targeted audience of more than one million decision-makers including ports, shipping and transport, ship building and repairs, offshore, oil and gas, marine survey, naval defence, marine equipment, research and development, marine salvage, marine insurance, marine museums, marine tourism, maritime institutes, cruise and leisure, fishing and aquaculture, expeditions and recruitment,” Roy said.

The television uses all available resources to generate maximum publicity efficiency through website campaigns, newsletters, tie-up with marine associations, institutes and clubs, maritime journals, exhibitions and events coverage, advertising and marketing campaigns, award presentations and collaboration with cable operators, tourist destinations, hotels and resorts.

The World’s First Global Maritime Channel

April 11, 2007

‘Marine Biz TV’ is the first 24 hour free-to-air Global Maritime Channel gifted to the world of Marine enthusiasts. Marine Biz TV is the initiative of Aries Marine, Dubai the largest Ship Design and Naval Architectural firm in the
Middle East.

Marine Biz TV will broadcast over Asia, Europe, Australia and Africa with the launch on May 1st 2007and will cover North and
South America from August 1st 2007. This channel aims at providing a single point of contact for all marine activities and information worldwide, propagating and helping in creating a safe maritime world.

A definitive market place for maritime buyers –Marine Biz TV will provide a supportive platform to the future professionals creating awareness about the opportunities and developments in the maritime industry.

Web TV www.marinebiztv.com the online arm of the Marine Biz TVwill provide full-fledged support to the satellite channel and ensures that the ideas and visions of the channel reach the worldwide web.

Marine Biz TV is distinct from others in its uniqueness as being the World’s First Maritime Channel which provides global coverage that is free-to-air. It also provides parallel coverage on the Web TV which is viewable even in sailing ships through special satellite tie-ups. The key feature of the channel is that it is sector specific providing its esteemed viewers with live updates on the marine sector.MarineBiz TV will cater to the needs to the personnel involved in the Ship building industry, offshore industry, equipment manufacturers, fishing and aquaculture arenas, maritime recruitment agencies, ship repairing, marine insurance etc.

Marine Biz TV programs concentrates on the in-depth of the Marine industry and are classified into Technical programs such as product launches, company introduction, programs on ship management, latest development in the maritime sector, programs on repair and service of ships etc and Entertainment programs like ball room parties, theme nights, programs on mannerisms, marine grooming, cultural ethics, personality development, music and arts etc.

Dubai, a major Shipping Hub of the World is to play host to one of the most amazing events of the maritime world. The mega launch of this Satellite Channel will be held at
Dubai on May 7th 2007.The launch of Marine Biz TV is to be accompanied by an award function.

The whole world, especially the Maritime Fraternity is expected to benefit by this venture.

Announcing MarineBiz TV – Maritime Video Awards !!!

March 27, 2007
  Entries invited from different Marine and Maritime companies
One of the most fabulous award of its kind in the world!!!
  Entries to be pre-recorded footages/Corporate Videos etc
  Award Sectors:
  • Best Concept
  • Best Visual effects
  • Best Narration
  • Best Cinematography
  • Best Editing
  • Best Script
  • Category Awards –( Educational, Corporate, Marine Life , Technology Etc.)
  Duration of footage/Entries : 2 minutes to 30 minutes.
  Last date for receiving entries: April 10, 2007
  Preferable formats for sending entries:
  Digital Betacam, Betacam SX,MPEG IMX, Betacam SP,DV CAM,DVC Pro, HDV, DV, DVD (Original).
  All entries received will have Complimentary Telecasts on web TV.
Videos received other than DVDs will have “Complimentary Telecasts” at the Satellite TV also
  Contact: awards@marinebiztv.com for more details.

The Marine enthusiasts world over will soon be gifted a 24-hour free-to-air satellite television channel and a website devoted to their needs

March 24, 2007

Marine Biz TV – The First Global Maritime Channel the innovative initiators of Aries Marine, Dubai the largest Ship Design and Consultancy firm launches on May1st 2007 with accessibility on DTH and world worldwide networks’ web launch on March 1st 2007. The Channel will cover Asia, Europe, Australia, and Africa with the launch and will extend to North and South America.

The channel can also be accessed live on the web at ww.marinebiztv.com.The pre-launch surveys predict that the majority of the viewers will be decision makers. The channel backed up by modern broadcast infrastructure information gathering technology will provide an insight into the complete happenings in the maritime world using new media technologies which will be one of the latest entrants in the series of specialized channels. The ambitious channel has indented for programming and is eager to outsource its content. It intends to be multi-lingual and programmes will be telecast in eight international languages with auto lingual lapping.

Marine Biz TV will provide facts and figures as well as technology involved in various applications in the world of marine life, lifesyles, water sports, tourism; maritime institutes’ etc.The programs will also broadcast Training sessions and educative videos useful for the shipbuilding industry professionals. Other unique features of the Channel are; Special tie-ups with major Maritime Institutes to add the channel as a Live educative tool in Classrooms. The Channel is viewable in sailing ships through special satellite tie-ups.

All about MarineBiz TV

March 24, 2007

MarineBiz TV

Please visit athttp://www.marinebiztv.com/