PGS completes processing of MEO’s Artemis 3-D survey

MELBOURNE: Petroleum Geo-Services Australia Pty Ltd (PGS) has completed the processing of MEO Australia Ltd.’s (ASX: MEO) 97-square-mile (250-sq-km) Artemis 3-D seismic survey in WA-360-P in the Carnarvon Basin offshore Western Australia.

The processing has been completed on schedule and the dataset is expected in house on June 30. The survey was acquired in March of 2009 using PGS seismic vessel Orient Explorer to help delineate the northern extent of the Artemis prospect identified on MEO’s existing 2007 3-D seismic survey, in preparation for the drilling of an exploration well, currently scheduled for 2010. Interpretation of the Artemis 3-D seismic survey is a component of de-risking the Artemis prospect ahead of the drilling commitment. MEO launched a formal farm-out process in late April to attract a partner to fund the drilling of the exploration well. The company has advised prospective parties that indicative farm-in offers are due by July 31, 2009.

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