AWD Alliance signs procurement contracts

Greg Combet, Minister for Defence Science, Personnel and Materiel, yesterday announced that the Air Warfare Destroyer (AWD) Alliance has signed several procurement contracts relating to the combat system of the new Hobart-class AWDs.

These procurements for the combat system on the destroyers and for shipbuilding work and supplies were recently completed by the AWD Alliance. “These procurements demonstrate the… continuing transition… from planning and decision-making to execution of this national building project,” Mr Combet said. Among the more significant of these procurements are combat system contracts to provide a very short range-surface capability, an electro optical system and a number of contracts relating to the valves and flanges required for the project. “[The] announcement builds on the more than A$850 million (US$685 million) of contracts signed by the AWD Alliance since December last year,” said Mr Combet. “This includes A$450 million (US$363 million) for the hull block construction. In addition, a number of ship building contracts have also been signed, including the provision of the AWD turbines, the helicopter handling system, reduction gears, steering system, gas turbines, the ships‚ engines, generators and propellers.”

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