Report explains delays for UK Royal Navy Type 45 destroyers

The UK House of Commons and the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have issued a report on the Royal Navy’s Type 45 destroyer programme, identifying problems encountered and lessons learnt during the process.

Following the PAC’s investigation into the reason the project’s increased costs and delays, it was found and acknowledged that “serious mistakes” were made in the early stages of the project, Defence Professionals reported. “The project management arrangements on the Type 45 destroyer were poor and allowed the culture of over-optimism to persist for too long,” the publication quoted the report as saying.
Following an extensive review of the project, the contract was renegotiated to a more realistic level and has not experienced any more budget problems or time delays. The first Type 45 destroyer will enter service this year, two years later than originally planned. Furthermore, despite its purpose of being equipped with anti-air capabilities, the Principal Anti-Air Missle System (PAAMS) will not be installed until 2011. Due to the delays, the UK Ministry of Defence has had to extend the life of the Type 42 destroyers, which are costly to maintain.

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