Grandweld holds keel laying for thee vessels

Dubai, UAE: Grandweld has celebrated a keel laying ceremony for three new shipbuilding contracts for the offshore oil and gas industry.

The ceremony for two 36-metre utility vessels and one 41-metre crewboat was held on June 18. The vessels will be owned and operated by UAE-based fleet operator Humaid Badir Marine Shipping. The three-vessel order comes after a long history of ship repair work being carried out by Grandweld for Humaid Badir. The 36-metre steel utility vessels will carry 70 tonnes of deck cargo with a maximum speed of 13 knots. The design has an accommodation for 44 persons and is powered by two caterpillar engines rated at 1,080kW each. The aluminium crewboat is yet another order for the highly successful 41-metre series, being the tenth vessel of the design to be built. The vessel carries 45 tonnes of deck cargo, 60 persons and has a maximum speed of 24 knots. Grandweld is also in the final stages of sea trials before delivery for the first of four 100-tonne bollard pull tugs for Bourbon. The other three sister ships to follow later in the year.

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