Gulmar Atlantis’ and ‘Gulmar Da Vinci’

Two of UAE-based Gulmar Offshore’s newbuild dive support vessels (DSV), currently under construction at Hanjin Shipyard in Korea, are confirmed for delivery later this year.

‘Gulmar Atlantis’ and ‘Gulmar Da Vinci’ are both latest generation multipurpose DSVs of MT-6022-XL design to be delivered during the fourth quarter 2009. ‘Gulmar Atlantis’ and ‘Gulmar Da Vinci’ each measure 115 metres by 22 metres by seven metres. Each vessel is equipped with an 18-man built-in saturation system, two three-man diving bells and two eight-man hyperbaric life boats.The vessels will also include one subsea crane of 140 tonnes AHC with a 2,000-metre cable , one subsea crane of 40 tonnes and accommodation for 120 persons. The vessels will be classed by DNV with the following notation: DNV +1A1 SF- EO, DYNPOS-AUTR-DK(+), HELDK-SH, CLEAN COMF-V(3),FiFi2- DSV-SAT. Meanwhile, Gulmar has also announced an additional order for a newbuild DP2 DSV of MT-6024S design to be constructed at the Sekwang Shipyard in Korea.

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