DNV: “15% emission reduction for existing fleet – with improved bottom line”

Better operational practices can reduce emissions to air from today’s ships by some 15%.

The improvements can be achieved now, with present technology and with improved bottom line. A new tool, the DNV Triple-E, has also been developed to obtain measurable improvements for individual ships. Ships from all market segments can reduce their air emissions. On average, optimising the engine performance, the trim for all drafts and speeds and the propulsion system efficiency and, among other measures, improving voyage management can reduce emissions by 15% for all type of ships – all to be achieved without additional costs. Even greater reductions might be possible.DNV has developed a set of abatement curves to plot the achievable emission reductions against the estimated cost effectiveness. These curves are a result of research activity within DNV but are based on factual and measurable improvements achieved by owners, operators and individual ships in operation.

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