World Oceans Day 2009

The world’s oceans generate most of the oxygen we breathe, supply us with food, regulate our climate, clean the water we drink, and offer a pharmacopoeia of potential medicines.

The United Nations (UN) had officially declared June 8 each year as World Oceans Day (WOD). The concept for a WOD was proposed by the Government of Canada in 1992 at the Earth Summit held in Rio de Janeiro. Since then it has been celebrated annually.The theme of 2009 WOD is “One Ocean, One Climate, One Future’’ to emphasize that we live on a blue planet where 70 percent of the surface is covered by ocean waters, and to raise public awareness of the key connections among a healthy ocean, a healthy climate, and our future. Regardless of where we live, we are dependent on the state of health of our shared bodies of water.

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