Nor-Shipping: GL’s Efficiency Drive

With as much as one third of the world’s total tanker and container ship capacities expected to be idle in 2010, it is clear that the ship owners and operators remaining in the market will face stiff competition.

To assist them in preparing for this challenge, FutureShip, a new Germanischer Lloyd subsidiary established recently, will launch the FuelSaver family of energy consumption optimisation (ECO) services at Nor-Shipping in Oslo. The FuelSaver product line delivers a holistic catalogue of services with a common objective: optimising ship fuel usage to improve profitability, both for ships in operation and those yet to be built. For ships in operation, it all begins with ECO-Patterns. This service is the first stage in the FuelSaver line, and delivers an overview of the operational fuel consumption performance of a ship. FutureShip experts statistically organise and analyse a ship’s voyage data considering speed, distance, and capacity utilisation factors. Ship owners are not only made aware of variances between sister vessels, but learn how their ships perform against the market average for ships of the same type and capacity. They also come away with an understanding of the factors that directly affect their operational energy efficiency.

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