BIMCO ready with emissions proposal

BIMCO is poised to firm up its stance on reducing emissions from shipping after a undisclosed decision taken at the organisation’s general meeting in Athens.

“We have a certain preference”, said Robert Lorenz-Meyer, who has just taken over as president of the Denmark-based organisation. BIMCO, which is the largest of the industry associations by membership and represents about 65% of tonnage over all shipping sectors, is hoping its initiative can help the industry take a more unified position on emissions. “The shipping world is not yet united and that is what we are striving for,” said Mr Lorenz-Meyer.“As an industry we can only make recommendations. Unfortunately we do not decide. But it would help us very much if the industry was united.” He underlined that BIMCO considers it vital that the International Maritime Organization be the global arbiter for environmentally regulating shipping. Secretary-general and chief executive Torben Skaanild said: “At the moment you have two camps and both camps are looking for a third option.” But BIMCO’s leadership refused to be drawn on the substance of its proposal, saying a public announcement would be made “in a few days”.

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