Dockstavarvet delivers ‘LOS 118’

Norway: Dockstavarvet has delivered the new pilot boat ‘LOS 18’ to the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s Ålesund Pilot Station.

‘LOS 118’ features a new configuration that reduces its fuel consumption by 25 percent.
When Dockstavarvet delivered ‘LOS 116’ (Yard No 551), to the Norwegian Coastal Administration in May 2008, the boat fulfilled all requirements regarding seakeeping, operational characteristics and comfort. However, with a full load displacement of 38 tonnes and oil prices peaking in mid 2008, fuel cost became worrying. ‘LOS 116’ is fitted with a quite heavy propulsion system of two 720kW engines with CP propellers giving a service speed of 27 knots. Before executing an option for four more units of the same type the customer ordered a review of the design aiming to reduce fuel consumption. Docksta’s design team soon found out that switching to Volvo-Penta’s D16 engines at Rating 2 with Twin Disc Quick Shift gearboxes and FP propellers would reduce weight by three tonnes plus another tonne on piping and auxiliary systems. One more tonne was shaved off from other equipment bringing the total weight saving to five tonnes. The preliminary calculations indicated that the same speed could be achieved with a reduction in fuel consumption of 25 percent.

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