Ultra-low wake ferry gets green light

USA: All American Marine and Teknicraft Design made a proposal to Kitsap Transit on May 19 to bring a new passenger ferry to Rich Passage.

On April 21, the commissioners of Kitsap Transit unanimously approved US$5.3 million for the purchase of a 23-metre ultra-low wake Teknicraft catamaran. On May 18, All American Marine received the signed notice-to-proceed. The high-speed passenger catamaran will carry 118 passengers and operate between Bremerton and Seattle at speeds of 29 to 38 knots. The new vessel technology is the result of five years of development. Kitsap Transit has contracted with Pacific International Engineering to spearhead the ongoing research efforts in conjunction with All American Marine and Teknicraft Design to further enhance the vessel’s design. Teknicraft Design’s principal naval architect, Nic de Waal of Auckland, New Zealand, worked with hydrodynamicists from the University of Iowa’s IIHR-Hydroscience and Engineering Research Centre as well as naval architects from INSEAN in Rome, Italy, to model an ultra-low wake hull. Coastal specialists from Golder Associates also evaluated the proposed vessel’s performance in terms of wake generation and resistance. The vessel optimisation study used Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) techniques to help refine the shape of the hull and hydrofoil to produce lower wake heights with less wake energy.

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