Aries Group and Marine BizTV organized the Interactive Workshop on Maritime Security

Aries Group and Marine BizTV organized an interactive workshop on Maritime Security in association with Dry Docks World –Dubai.

The interactive workshop held at Dry Docks World AC2, Dubai was inaugurated by Mr. Stuart Baxter (Director –Technical) Dry Docks World, Dubai with an immense participation from eminent personalities in maritime industry. The vital topic ‘Maritime Security’ has taken a high priority stand as the risk profile has risen tremendously for all container and passenger vessels with recurring incidents on piracy, armed robbery, hijack and other hostage situations. Time now implies to take necessary actions and steps against above incidents scrutinizing more on maritime security and safety with proper evaluation on high risk areas, ship and port facilities, law enforcements and other significant segments. The event had around 60 delegates from various sections including DPA of companies, Security Officers, Managers, Heads of Operations, Shipping Companies, Ports and Maritime Companies, Maritime Institutions and Training and Security Firms. The workshop had Mr. Randall Tedder, CEO, Research Middle East Marine Group discussing the fundamental issues on marine terrorism and the current responses to this threat and some cost effective solutions to overcome these increasing threats in international waters. With the esteemed support from The Safety and Security Department of Drydocks World- Dubai, was valuably informative with a schedule allowing substantial dialogue and information sharing among participants to consider and re-consider the growing threats and activities related to Maritime Security. This platform also ensures to be an ideal business networking platform for all maritime professionals in the Middle East making this event a double boon to all. The event, an interactive scenario based on the maritime security with distinguished maritime professionals was also telecasted round the world via Satellite TV and Web TV through Marine BizTV, the world’s first and only Global Maritime Television Channel.

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