ConocoPhillips to abandon Poseidon well

MT. MARTHA, AUSTRALIA: ConocoPhillips will plug and abandon the Poseidon-1 well, a gas discovery made in the WA-315-P about 480 kilometers (298 miles) north of Broome, Western Australia.

The well was drilled by Transocean semisubmersible Sedco 703, and is the first in a multi-well drilling program in the Browse Basin permits WA-314-P, WA-315-P and WA-398-P by the Karoon/ConocoPhillips joint venture. A five-inch liner was run and cemented in the Poseidon-1 well; however, there was a mechanical failure while attempting to retrieve the lining hanger setting tool. This resulted in the well being irreparably plugged above planned test intervals making it impossible to carry out the planning production tests. After unsuccessful attempts at recovery of the tool, the joint venture decided to plug and abandon Poseidon-1. Wireline log porosity and pressure measurement data suggests the well is capable of flowing gas. The joint venture of ConocoPhillips and Karoon has commenced planning a Poseidon field appraisal program; the next well in the current program will be Kontiki-1.

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