DNV: Action needed now on maritime labour convention

DNV Maritime is encouraging ship owners, managers and crewing agents to take action now on the imminent entry into force of the Maritime Labour Convention.

The convention stipulates common rights for seafarers with respect to conditions of employment, accommodation, recreational facilities, food, accident prevention, welfare and medical care. “Some people in the industry say that it makes sense to wait and see on this issue but this is a mistake,” says Georg Smefjell, project responsible for DNV’s Maritime Labour Convention team. “Hesitation will only decrease a ship owner’s ability to handle the requirements effectively. One of the two criteria for the convention’s entry into force has now been met. Five countries (Liberia, Marshall Islands, Bahamas, Panama and Norway) have ratified so the target of at least 33% of the world’s gross tonnage has been met. Another 25 countries are needed and the EU target date for ratification by December 2010 makes it very likely that the convention will enter into force in 2011.DNV has delivered customer training on the new requirements in Oslo, Hamburg and Athens. The Norwegian company, Høegh, and the Greek company, Thenamaris, have already taken advantage of DNV’s gap analysis services. “Feedback has been positive and we believe the impressive procedures these companies have in place will enable them to handle the new requirements efficiently,” said Mr. Smefjell.

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