Dredging underway in South Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City: Tan Thuan Industrial Park Development Company (IPC) began the first phase of dredging the Soai Rap River on Monday to allow larger vessels to enter Hiep Phuoc port complex in HCMC’s Nha Be District.

Under the mammoth three-phase dredging plan, the riverbed will be dredged to a final depth of 12 meters to allow for navigation of vessels of up to 70,000 tons, enabling the port complex to have annual throughput of 250 million tons of goods after 2015.In the first phase this year and next, the river will be dredged to a depth of 9.5 meters to allow for 30,000 to 50,000-ton ships, raising the port complex’s handling capacity to 140 million tons per year. The second phase in 2012-2013 aims to create a passage of 12 meters deep for vessels of 50,000 to 70,000 ton to navigate into Hiep Phuoc port complex.

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