Titan Salvage Caps Busy First Quarter

With the arrival of calmer springtime weather, Titan Salvage has resumed wreck removal operations in Gibraltar on the New Flame following a busy first quarter in which the company responded to eight salvage opportunities.

Among them were the re-floating of the bulk carrier Fedra’s forward section in Gibraltar, the re-floating of a general cargo vessel grounded on environmentally-sensitive coral reefs of southern Belize; and the safe delivery of a tank ship involved in a collision and fire off the coast of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The work performed during the first three months of 2009 was illustrative of Titan’s diverse technical expertise and worldwide service capabilities, said Dan Schwall, Titan’s managing director. As Titan personnel were preparing to suspend operations for the winter on the New Flame wreck removal in Gibraltar in late 2008, they were called upon to assist in the cliff-top rescue of crewmembers from the bulk carrier Fedra, which had run aground during an unprecedented storm and was pinned to the base of a cliff just below the Europa Point lighthouse. All crewmembers were saved and Titan was later contracted to remove the forward section of the wreck and accommodation unit.

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