T&T Bisso refloats inland barge

NEW ORLEANS: T&T Bisso has salvaged a 2,000-ton inland barge rig capsized by Hurricane Gustav in southern Louisiana last year.

T&T Bisso’s salvage engineers designed a method to right and refloat the inland barge using four derrick barges and a pull barge. T&T Bisso President and CEO W.A. Bisso IV said the rig sustained minimal damage from the hurricane, meaning the company needed to take extreme care in salvaging the barge to mitigate any further damage.The four derrick barges, the 700-ton D/B Cappy Bisso, 600-ton D/B Lili Bisso, 550-ton D/B Big T and the 260-ton D/B Ajax, were positioned around the inland barge to each apply around 250 tons of force.To support the derrick barges, the crane barge Bayou Chief was outfitted with two 600-ton pulling block sets. Crews connected the pulling blocks to the dry side of the rig and, in concert with the lifting derrick barges, righted the rig from the capsized position. The derrick barges then were reconfigured to help in the pumping process to lift the deck of the drill rig above the water. The rig was refloated at the site and safely towed to its owner’s base.

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