Air pollution from shipping expensive

SHIPPING: The international maritime traffic discharges amounts of sulphurous gasses and particles so high that it costs DKK 6.1 billion in health expenses for the Danish every year.

This states a new report.While discharges of air pollution from all of Denmark causes expenses of DKK 3.9 billion annually, the international maritime traffic from the Baltic, the North Sea and interior Danish waters causes so many diseases and deaths that the annual bill mounts up to DKK 6.1 billion.This shows new calculations from the government research centre of energy, environment and health CEEH, informs senior researcher Jorgen Brandt from Danish Environment Investigations of University of Aarhus to the daily Jyllands-Posten.”It is a vast expense caused by discharges from the maritime traffic. The ships emit lots of sulphurous gasses and particles, which inflict a number of diseases causing shorter life-span on the Danish”, says director of CEEH professor Eigil Kaas fom University of Copenhagen to the newspaper.On a European scale the maritime traffic causes health expenses of DKK 182 billion annually of which 6.1 billion are in Denmark.

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