MOL launches safety promotion campaign

MITSUI OSK Lines (MOL) president Akimitsu Ashida presented its latest safe initiative for all MOL-operated vessels to run during April focusing on safety and health management of seafarers, based on analysis injuries and illnesses that occurred during the last year.

The MOL Health, Safety and Environment (HSE) Promotion Campaign 2009 aims is to promote an active exchange of opinions between vessels and land-based personnel to share information and alerts concerning the causes of various injuries and illness. Goals for MOL officers and staff visiting target vessels is to promote mutual understanding among seafarers and shore staff and raise awareness of safety issues. The target vessels to include MOL-owned vessels, chartered vessels, and MOL Group vessels including ferries and a cruise ship will be visited and issued refresher alerts on the causes and countermeasures for injuries and illnesses that occur most frequently. The alerts will be distributed weekly to every vessel and safety stickers are to be posted onboard vessels to help prevent accidents. The campaign will aim to gather opinions and ideas from seafarers about safety and health management to feedback and enhance safety and health management.

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