Profits dropping for Bornholmstrafikken

Bornholmstrafikken made profits of DKK 24 million last year – a serious decrease compared to the profits of DKK 37.6 million last in 2007. 14.5 million of the profit is from the sale of the ferry Povl Anker.

The board considers the profit “not satisfying” but states that the declining profit should be seen in the light of the record high oil prices in 2008. The combined expenses for bunkers were approx. 13 per cent higher in 2008 then in 2007. In addition, the summer weather in 2007 was historically bad, which meant that the number of passengers declined in the following year 2008. In total the passenger count dropped by 0.3 per cent compared to 2007 for all services combined. 2008 had bad weather as well with the wettest August in 45 years. The net turnover was DKK 554 million compared to 536 million the year before. The profit of 2009 is expected to be between DKK 15 and 20 million. The expected result should, according to the shipping company, be seen in relation to the current financial crisis and it is more uncertain than usual as it has yet to be seen what effects the crisis will have on demand of transportation by sea to and from Bornholm.

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