Crowley launches new heavy-lift deck barge

PORTLAND, OREGON: In the first of several vessel deliveries scheduled over the next few weeks, Crowley Maritime Corporation launched its newest heavy-lift series deck barge, the 455-4, on March 29 at Gunderson Marine Shipyard in Portland, Oregon.

The 400-foot long (121.9-m) 105-foot (32 m) wide barge was christened by Carey Graham, wife of Parker Drilling Vice President Dennis Graham. The vessel’s first assignment will be hauling a Parker Drilling rig. Following that assignment, it will be turned over to BP for work on the world’s largest land-based rig in Alaska’s North Slope at Satellite Drilling Island. Crowley plans to build up to 13 high-capacity barges by 2013. The largest, already in operation in the U.S. Gulf, measures 400 feet by 130 feet (121.9 m by 39.6 m). The 455-5, the next barge in the series, is expected to be delivered by Gunderson in May.

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