StatoilHydro finds more oil near Vigdis

STAVANGER, NORWAY: StatoilHydro has struck oil during the drilling of an exploration well and a sidetrack north of the Vigdis East field in the North Sea offshore Norway in production license 089.

The proven recoverable resources are estimated at about 25 million barrels of oil. The well confirmed the existence of a 919-foot (280-m) oil column in rocks with good reservoir properties. The discovery will be developed towards either the Tordis or Vigdis fields.The exploration well, 34/7-34, was drilled into the Vigdis North-East prospect, located 1.9 miles (3 km) south of the Snorre field. The purpose of the well was to confirm the existence of hydrocarbons in Lower Jurassic reservoir rocks belonging to the Statfjord group. The purpose of the sidetrack, 34/7-34 A, was to get a better overview of the resource potential.While operating in 958 feet (292 m) of water, Dolphin Drilling semisubmersible Borgland Dolphin drilled well 34/7-34 to a total vertical depth of 8,760 feet (2,670 m) and the sidetrack to a total depth of 8,898 feet (2,712 m). Both well trajectories were completed in Upper Triassic rocks belonging to the Lunde formation. Data acquisition and sampling took place during the drilling operation and now the well will be permanently plugged and abandoned. Borgland Dolphin will continue operations in production license 089 drilling well 34/7-G 4 H.

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