Port awaits liquid gas delivery

The first giant tanker carrying super-cooled gas from the Middle East to one of two new terminals in Pembrokeshire is waiting for high tide to dock.

Once fully operational, the liquefied natural gas plants at Milford Haven will be capable of meeting up to 25% of the UK’s current gas requirements. The Tembek, which had been expected at lunchtime, will be met by protesters who have fought the £13bn projects. Milford Haven Port Authority said it could handle LNG shipping safely. The tanker, which has sailed from Qatar, had been moored off Pembrokeshire waiting for the tide to allow it to berth at the newly built South Hook deep water terminal. It is the largest LNG plant in Europe and is a joint venture between Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil and Total. LNG is natural gas which has been converted to a liquid by cooling it to a temperature of -160°C. In its liquid form, it occupies much less space than gas, making it easier and more cost-effective to transport. It will be turned back into gas at the terminals and pumped into the UK network along a specially constructed pipeline running from Milford to Gloucestershire. South Hook is the larger of two terminals built at the port. The other, Dragon LNG, a partnership between Malaysia’s state oil firm Petronas, BG and the Netherland’s 4Gas, is expected to become operational later in the year.

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