Oil spill in Australian waters

Maritime authorities in the Australian state of Queensland have said that a fuel oil spill in Moreton Bay would not be able to be contained easily due to choppy currents.

The ‘Pacific Adventurer’, a 180-metre long ship carrying 60 containers of chemicals, was en route from Newcastle, New South Wales to Brisbane, Queensland, when it was hit by choppy seas and lost half its load in the early hours of (March 11) morning. The ship’s hull was damaged when 31 containers of ammonium nitrate fell overboard, causing a fuel leak. Dr Michael White from the Centre of Marine Studies at the University of Queensland told that the ammonium nitrate would not seriously harm the bay. “The last time we had a really big fertiliser spill… all that happened was that the kelp grew to 30 feet (nine metres) and it was normally only five feet (1.5 metres) high,” he was quoted as saying. Michael Short from the Environmental Protection Agency however said that the oil on the water’s surface would have an impact on the environment and wildlife. “That’s where our focus is,” he said.

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