‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ arrives at Port Botany

Australia: The dredger ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ has arrived at Port Botany to fulfill its role in the port’s A$1 billion (US$650 million) expansion plans.

Sydney Ports Corporation’s representative Grant Gilfillan explained that construction began in July 2008 and the scope of the project includes the reclamation of 63 hectares to build a 60-hectare terminal with five new shipping berths and 1,850 metres of new wharves. Measuring 130 metes in length and 22.4 metres at the beam, the self propelled cutter suction dredger ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’, owned by Dutch firm Jan De Nul, will be involved in preparing the foundations of the new wharves, dredging to a depth of 30 metres. Mr Gilfillan added that all the dredging and reclamation works are scheduled to be completed in early 2010. Once the ‘Leonardo Da Vinci’ completes its work in Port Botany, another dredger the ‘Marco Polo will arrive around August this year and will remain until the completion of dredging in early 2010.

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