Qatar set to start LNG deliveries to the UK

Qatar is set to consolidate its position as the world leader in the liquefied natural gas industry with the launch of the $13.2bn Qatargas 2 terminal next month.

The venture at Ras Laffan will be inaugurated by the Emir Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa al-Thanion April 6 and will supply gas to the South Hook terminal in Wales, UK. The terminal in Wales, jointly set up by Qatar Petroleum, ExxonMobil and Total, will be inaugurated by the Emir and Queen Elizabeth on May 12. Qatargas 2 is large enough to meet about 20 percent of the UK’s natural gas needs, Qatargas Operating Company CEO Faisal M al-Suwaidi said in comments on Thursday. The first LNG cargo from Qatargas 2 will reach South Hook in May and, on average, one LNG cargo will be dispatched to the UK from Qatargas 2 every three days. Suwaidi called Qatargas 2 a “huge” project, which will also be the world’s first fully integrated value chain LNG venture. He said Qatargas was well on course to achieve a production capacity of about 42m tonnes per year (tpy) within two to three years.

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