Vale constructing huge bulk terminal in Oman

Solar: Brazilian mining giant Vale is building a 1-million-square-metre complex at Sohar that will position Oman as a pellet distribution hub serving steel plants in the Middle East, North Africa and India.

As part of the project, Sohar International Development Company (SIDC) is developing a two-kilometre-long deepwater jetty, together with platform and trestle, which will be leased to Vale on completion. Vale will be given three berths, one to unload iron ore, while the other two will serve load pellets directly into Panamax/Capesize carriers. The Oman Shipping Company (OSC) is building four new Ultra Large Ore Carriers, each of which has a capacity of 400,000 tonnes. The giant vessels, ranked among the largest bulk carriers in the world, will be leased to Vale for its Sohar operations. “Our commitment is to emerge as the biggest investor in the mining business, and Oman will be a key component of Vale’s decision to be number one in this business,” said Roger Agnelli, president and CEO of Vale.

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