Jafza launched Re-engineered World-class Customer Service Facility

Upgrades include over 100 service counters, a high-tech intelligent queuing system, priority VIP services and much more

Dubai, February 23, 2009: Jafza, flagship operation of Economic Zones World today unveiled its world class customer care facility in Jebel Ali, re-engineered and value-added with top-of-the-line offerings to provide a whole new service experience to customers and visitors unlike any other in the region. Designed to provide customers with the best of services at a higher level of efficiency, the new facility at Jafza 14 & 15 includes an intelligent queuing and processing system, upgraded customer services, meeting rooms, full-fledged VIP services, a renovated, contemporary reception area and other related amenities aligned with the Group’s world-class profile. The project, currently in the first phase of its operations, will provide enhanced services to all Jafza clients and their representatives from Company Public Relations Officers (PROs) who frequent the facility regularly for their company’s administrative needs, right up to Company Directors (i.e. CEOs and entrepreneurs) seeking to establish and expand their businesses in Jafza.Commenting on Jafza’s commitment to its clients, Salma Hareb, CEO of Economic Zones World, said that Jafza’s business ideology has always been steeped in customer-focused innovations and developments that facilitate the comfort and growth of its customers. She remarked that customer care centres were the ‘most vital client interaction tools’ for any organisation which is why Jafza wanted to ensure that its customers, who were the company’s major business partners got ‘the very best’.

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