Hellenic registered fleet posts third straight monthly increase in December

After a bi-month slump in terms of numbers (August-September), the Hellenic Registry’s vessels has kept its rising momentum also in December, probably one of the worst months in the global shipping industry in decades.

According to the latest report published yesterday by the National Statistics Agency, the number of vessels flying the country’s flag was up by two vessels, compared to November’s figures, i.e. at 2,082 ships, versus 2,080 the previous month. But, the tonnage’s total capacity is now at 39.156.211 tons, versus 39,265,417 tons in November, slighlty decreased on a monthly basis. The dry bulk fleet was reduced during December at 626 vessels, against 628 during the previous couple of months. Similarly, a small drop in tonnage capacity was evident, with the dry bulk fleet’s tonnage now standing at 15,078,971 tons, versus 15,112,281 tons in November and 14,981,164 tons in October. The main reason for this development was the scrapping of older tonnage in the dry bulk sector, as a result of the market’s downturn. The bulk of the increase in the registered fllet came once more from the tanker side, with four more vessels being added, bring the total tanker fleet at 521 vessels with a capacity of 22.318.727 tons, up from 517 units with a capacity of 22,394,165 tons in November. As for the rest of the fleet (passenger ships and other types), it was also increased by two vessels to reach 935 units in December.

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