Guangzhou Panyu Lingshan delivers ‘Putra Jaya Singosari’ AHTS

Following a well-established relation, the Guangzhou Panyu Lingshan Shipyard, China, has recently delivered another anchor handling tug designed by Singapore’s Khiam Chuan Marine.

With a 40-metre length overall and a length at the waterline of 37.8 metres, the ‘Putra Jaya Singosari’ is registered in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia. The hull’s 11.8-metre moulded beam and 4.6-metre moulded depth provide tankage for 305 tonnes of fuel oil and 170 tonnes of fresh water. Accommodation is provided for up to 22 crewmembers. The wheelhouse has both forward and aft facing command stations. The aft station overlooks the deck with a single drum towing winch and a starboard side tugger winch. Main propulsion power is provided by a pair of Cummins KTA38-M2, each of which is rated for 895kW continuous duty at 1,800rpm. The 1,790kW driving nozzle propellers gives the boat a speed of eleven knots and a 28-tonne bollard pull. The portside main engine is fitted with a front-end power take off to power the two fire fighting monitors mounted on a bridge over the two exhaust stacks.

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