Royal Danish Navy takes delivery of second Offshore Patrol Vessel

After delivery from Karstensens Shipyard, Denmark, the second Offshore Patrol Vessel for the Danish Greenland operation entered official command under the Royal Danish Navy.

The vessel, which has been named ‘Enjar Mikkelsen’ (P571), is like its predecessor, and is built for a wide range of arctic and coastal operations. The newbuilding is expected to enter North Atlantic service at the end of February 2009 and follows the first vessel, ‘Knud Rasmussen’ (P570) which was commissioned into the Royal Danish Navy on February 18, 2008. Both vessels have an overall length of 71.8 metres, a beam of 14.6 metes, a draught of 4.95 metres and a maximum speed of 17 knots. The vessels each displace 1,720 tonnes and accommodate 19 persons. Both vessels are powered by twin-engine medium- speed propulsion packages from MAN Diesel. The propulsion engines are two eight-cylinder L27/38 units, resiliently seated, each with a nominal rating of 2,720kW at 800rpm. The engines drive a MAN Diesel Alpha VBS 1080-series CP Propeller and an AVK shaft alternator through a Renk NDSL-2500 twin-in / single-out reduction gearbox. The propulsion equipment is ice-strengthened for operation through an ice thickness of 0.7 metres.

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