Princess Amalia Wind Farm achieves record performance

The Netherlands: The Princess Amalia Wind Farm in the North Sea, which was put into operation by Eneco and Econcern in June of last year, has met all expectations during the first half year after its opening.

The highest level of electricity production was recorded last week. At an optimal wind force 6, the wind farm produced 2.6 million kWh per day. Such a yield is sufficient to provide 250,000 households with electricity. Eneco receives all the electricity generated by the wind farm, which is performing at the level predicted before operations began. The wind farm’s 60 turbines have been optimized and operate at full power when the wind conditions are optimal. During optimal conditions, the daily electricity production reaches peaks which are more than twice the average yield. Eneco and Econcern officials are pleased with these results, which they view as important for the further development of wind farms at the North Sea. The Princess Amalia Wind Farm, the Netherlands’ largest wind farm at the North Sea, is located 23 kilometers (14.3 miles) from the coast of IJmuiden. At the start it was expected that the wind farm would generate 435 GWh of power per year, sufficient to provide 125,000 Dutch households with sustainable electricity.

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