Maritime Research Project Complete

The European maritime research project on the significance of risk-based design and approval has been concluded after four years of intensive study.

The multinational research project Safedor (Design, Operation and Regulation for Safety) was co-ordinated by ship classification society Germanischer Lloyd. 53 project partners from all sectors of the maritime industry were working on an innovative design approach to enhance safety at sea. The concluding working meeting took place at Germanischer Lloyd head office in Hamburg were the Safedor members met to discuss and exchange ideas and project results. Seeing safety treated as an objective rather than a constraint imposed by design rules was the initial goal of the EU-funded research project Safedor. In the past four years, the project partners discussed and developed possibilities to enhance the safety of ships. Three major achievements have accomplished: Safedor partners created a framework for risk-based design which is now documented in a handbook for naval architects and marine engineers. The second achievement was the development of an approval process for risk-based ships which is being submitted to IMO. The third pillar of Safedor is applications. A series of innovative ship and system designs were generated that show the practicability of the Safedor approach. To document the current risk level, five formal safety assessment studies for major ship types were conducted and also submitted to IMO.

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