Gulf Oil Marine Ltd welcomes Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc into the Sealub Alliance Network

Following the signature on 2nd February 2009 of a strategic partnership between Gulf Oil Marine Ltd and Aegean Marine Petroleum Network Inc, the Sealub Alliance Marine Lubricants Network covers 500 ports in more than 50 countries and looks for much wider coverage before mid-2009.

Founded by Gulf Oil Marine in 2008, the marine lubricants Sealub Alliance network aims at providing the Shipping Industry with performant and cost effective lubrication solutions and Expert customer and technical services on the long term. Acting as a stakeholder of Shipping and focusing on engines performance and smooth operation of their business partners vessels, the Sealub Alliance network has the target of achieving the widest and most effective geographical coverage within 2009. Strongly anchored to the Shipping Industry on the long term and favoring innovation, problem solving and global lubrication alternatives and research, the Members of the Sealub Alliance network are able to pool their respective expertise, particular knowledge and strengths to the ultimate benefit of their customers ‘ assets and are comitted to bring value to the Shipping community they proudly serve. By mid-2009, Sealub Alliance is commited to enhance its marine lubes products and services geographical coverage to 750 ports in more than 60 countries through natural expansion of its present Members and by welcoming new Members.

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