Nakilat and Qatargas name ten of the world’s largest LNG carriers

The first celebration took place on the 6th of February at Hyundai Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. shipyard in Ulsan where three Q-Flex were named.

The first ship ‘Al Rekayyat’ was named by Mrs. Asma Ali Al-Khulaifi, spouse of Mr. Ahmed Al-Khulaifi, Chief Operating Officer – Commercial and Shipping Group, Qatargas. The second vessel, ‘Al Kharaitiyat’ was named by Mrs. Lucy Rowland, spouse of Mr. Martin Rowland, Director, Joint Ventures, Nakilat, while the third ship ‘Mesaimeer’ was officially named by Ms. Kathryn Turner, member of the Board of Directors of ConocoPhillips. A second ceremony will take place on February 9th at Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. shipyard on Geoje Island where four LNG carriers, one Q-Flex and three Q-Max ships will be named. LNG Carrier ‘Mekaines’ will be named by Mrs. Maryam Al-Suwaidi, spouse of Mr. Faisal Al-Suwaidi, Chief Executive Officer, Qatargas and Mr. Faisal Al-Suwaidi will name ‘Al Ghashamiya’. The third vessel, ‘Al Mayeda’ will be named by Sheikha Noof Bint Mohammad Al-Thani, spouse of Sheikh Ahmed Al-Thani, Chief Operating Officer – Engineering and Ventures Group, Qatargas and the fourth vessel, ‘Al Mafyar’ will be named by Mrs. Patricia Watson Copeland, spouse of Mr. James E. Copeland, member of the Board of Directors of ConocoPhillips. ‘Al Mayeda’, ‘Mekaines’ and ‘Al Mafyar’ are Q-Max ships and ‘Al Ghashamiya’ is a Q-Flex. The Q-Max vessels are the largest in the world and this scale advantage allows Qatargas to supply and compete in new markets world-wide.’ During the next year and a half, all of our 25 wholly-owned new LNG ships, 14 Q-Max and 11 Q-Flex, will be fully operational. These twenty-five vessels, along with our 29 jointly-owned ships are part of our 54 vessel fleet built by the Korean shipyards. Thirty-two of these LNG carriers will be dedicated to Qatargas.’ Qatargas 3 shareholders are Qatar Petroleum, ConocoPhillips and Mitsui & Co., Ltd.

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