New diving support vessel delivered by Shipyard De Hoop

The ‘Don Amado’ is the first vessel of a series of three diving support vessels built by de Hoop Shipyard of Holland in collaboration with Oceanografia of Mexico.

The vessels are suitable for worldwide service in shallow and deepwater and will be engaged in construction and maintenance of offshore installations, surface and subsea crane operations, diving / ROV support, and standby-rescue activities. The low draft enables the vessel to enter very shallow offshore ports in Mexico. Above the waterline, the hull and superstructure are low-profile in order to reduce wind-forces as much a possible. The steelplated heli-deck is integrated in the vessel construction to reduce weight and cost and also to keep the helideck low, to reduce horizontal movements / accelerations as much as possible. The vessels are fitted with an environmental friendly diesel-electric propulsion plant. Four Caterpillar 3516B generators each rated at 1,825kW at 1,800rpm are fitted in the central engine room. The generators are connected to the main-switchboard, which is split in a port and starboard side for redundancy. A low tension system of 480 volts, was chosen in order to keep the cost down.

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