Survey vessels get busy off NZ

The summer season of marine seismic acqusition is in full swing in New Zealand with two vessels busy at work all around the country.

In total, the 2D seismic surveys equate to a combined 8000 line kilometres while a single 3D survey is 1145 square kilometres, said a Crown Minerals spokesman. The vessel Pacific Titan has already shot 2D surveys in the following blocks in the Taranaki basin – PEP38482, 38499, 38481 and 38524 for operator Australian Worldwide Exploration, PEP38775 for Greymouth Petroleum, and in PEP38451 for Global Resources. The vessel has also completed a 2D sweep in Block PEP38619 in the offshore Northland basin for Origin Energy. Surveys in progress in the offshore Canterbury basin by the same vessel are 2D sweeps in Blocks PEP38262, 38264 for Origin, and in PEP38259 for AWE. Work to complete for the Pacific Titan is in the Great South basin Block PEP50122 for Greymouth and in Taranaki basin permit PEP51311 for New Zealand Oil & Gas. The Pacific Titan will finish its season in New Zealand by shooting 1000 kilometres of 2D for Crown Minerals across the Reinga basin as it exits local waters. Meanwhile, the vessel Nordic Explorer is shooting a 3D survey for Origin in Block PEP38262. It is the first 3D to be ever shot in the Canterbury basin.

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