Kotug expands fleet with two deliveries

The Netherlands: Kotug has added two new tugboats to its fleet.

These last two tugboats of a series of four, with a towing capacity of 65 tonnes, were christened in Rotterdam on January 17, 2009. The tugs ‘SD Seal’ and ‘SD Seahorse’ were christened by Mrs Marleen van Honk, wife of Captain Marcel van Honk, Chairman of the Dutch Works Council and Mrs Diny Aalberts, wife of Captain Peet Aalberts, Secretary and Treasurer of the Werknemers Vereniging Adriaan Kooren (Employee Association). The ‘SD Seal’ and ‘SD Seahorse’ are sister ships of the ‘SD Shark’ and ‘SD Stingray’, which were added to the Rotterdam fleet and christened in Rotterdam last year. At the beginning of the next month, the ‘RT Margo’, which arrived in Rotterdam from Singapore at the end of 2008, will be christened. This tugboat with a towing capacity of 83 tonnes incorporates the Kooren Shipbuilding and Trading-patented Rotortug principle (three screws and three main engines) and is currently the strongest harbour tug operating in Dutch waters.

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