DMC and Arab Sea Ports Federation sign MoU

The world’s first purpose-built maritime centre, Dubai Maritime City has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the Arab Sea Ports Federation to explore joint business opportunities and open new avenues for cooperation and mutual growth.

The partnership is expected to effectively extend DMC’s network and partnerships within the Arab World and strengthen its presence in key maritime locations across the region. “This partnership is an important strategic move as we position Dubai Maritime City to be the premier maritime destination in the region,” said Amer Ali, DMC ceo. “In addition, it is also our aim to build on our common goals to enhance and strengthen the economic prospects of the region’s maritime environment. We believe that cooperation and constant communication are important components for us to move forward – a consolidated approach that will help us maximise the region’s maritime potential. This partnership with the Arab Sea Ports Federation is a key step towards achieving a harmonious development in the regional maritime industry.” Both parties have agreed to exchange ideas with regards to maritime policies and strategies, as well as information that will unlock new business prospects. The two parties also hope to achieve better coordination, integration and association in various maritime activities, including strengthening strategic relationships with maritime organisations.

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