IHC Merwede launches ‘Hos Iron Horse’

IHC Merwede, The Netherlands, will launch a multi purpose OSV for Hornbeck Offshore Services in USA.

IHC Merwede Offshore & Marine was granted the order to design and build the new vessel in 2007. The keel was laid on July 23, 2008. The naming ceremony of the ‘Hos Iron Horse’ will take place officially upon delivery in the third quarter of 2009. The ‘Hos Iron Horse’ is a versatile vessel and suitable for worldwide operation. Hornbeck Offshore Services intends to use the vessel in the shallow waters of the Mexican Gulf. With her deepwater cranes, deck cranes and moonpool, the vessel can be used in a wide range of offshore construction activities. But the vessel can also easily be adapted to a charterer’s specific wishes and requirements. The moonpool facilitates subsea operations. Subsea operations can be supported by two work class ROVs which are housed in a hangar. The vessel is equipped with a 400-tonne heave compensated mast crane capable of working at a 3,000-metre water depth and a 120-tonne heave compensated offshore knuckle boom crane.

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