Saudi-based offshore facility fabrication yard begins work

Dammam: Saudi Aramco’s Offshore Projects Division recently began fabrication activities for four offshore platforms at the newly constructed STAR Fabrication Facility at Dammam, Saudi Arabia’s King Abdulaziz Port, the first offshore facilities fabrication yard in the kingdom.

The yard is performing work from a new long-term agreement contract awarded to a consortium between Snamprogetti Saudi Arabia Ltd. and Saipem, TAQA, Al-Rushaid Fabrications Co. Ltd. (STAR). The agreement required the contractor to build a full-service fabrication yard and offshore support base in the kingdom capable of constructing the company’s increasing number of offshore well platforms and pipelines. The STAR facility, which will directly employ about 900 workers, covers 3.23 million square feet (300,000 sq m) and is capable of fabricating 15,432 tons (14,000 tonnes) of structural steel per year. The entire facility was engineered, procured and constructed in just over one year. Northern Area Projects Department manager Abdulaziz I. Fallatah said, “In addition to advancing Saudi Aramco’s business objectives, this new state-of-the-art facility also achieves the company’s goals of stimulating the Saudi economy and developing Saudi nationals in the highly skilled offshore fabrication industry.” Training of the initial group of Saudi nationals in skilled crafts has begun in earnest and Saudi Aramco said it is proceeding according to plan.

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