CMA CGM aims to take leading spot in Asia

French transport liner CMA CGM appears to be poised to launch a new Asia-Europe service in July to secure a leading position in the Asian shipping market.

Though the shipping giant suspended its FAL 4 Asia-Europe service after five months, CMA CGM is now telling employees that it will start the FAL 5 service in a few months’ time. No details have been given about the configuration of the new service but its launch looks set to coincide with the arrival in service of the first of eight 13,300TEU newbuildings ordered by CMA CGM. “It is a considerable challenge in a volatile economy, but it will anchor CMA CGM firmly as the leader in Asia; in China, of course, but also in countries like Korea, Japan and Vietnam,” said CMA CGM vice president Nicolas Sartini. The FAL 1 deploys ten ships: one of 11,000TEU and nine of 8,500 TEU. The FAL 2 deploys eight 9,500TEU vessels and the FAL 3 has six 6,500TEU and three 8,500TEU vessels.

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