New generation RAmparts 3200B design from Robert Allan

In 2007 Norwegian vessel owners, Østensjø Rederi approached Turkish shipyard Sanmar Denizcilik Makin eve Ticaret, of Istanbul, to build a tug similar to the standard 32-metre RAmparts 3200 class tug, designed by Canadian naval architecture firm Robert Allan.

This requirement led to a close collaboration between owner, builder and designer to develop a revised, beamier design. The result is a new generation of ASD tug, known as the RAmparts 3200B Class. This is built under the “Escort 80” series name at Sanmar. The vessel is suitable for a wide range of duties including harbour towage and ship-handling, coastal towing, and escort operations. It is also equipped for firefighting and oil spill response duties. The hull form reflects the now very well-proven double chine form with a sweeping “chined” stern. A large escort skeg is fitted forward to enhance the indirect towing capability and to provide enhanced roll stability. Particulars of the first of the 4,800kW Vivax class tugs are: an overall length of 32 metres, a moulded beam of twelve metres, moulded depth of 5.36 metres and maximum overall draught of 6.11 metres. The vessel is classed by ABS under Towage Service, Escort Vessel, ABCU, Fi-Fi 1, Oil Recovery Class 1, Unrestricted Service.

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