New business model at the Odense Steel Shipyard

Following a period of project financing stalemate due to the financial crisis, the board members of the Odense Steel Shipyard have agreed to a new business model at the Lindo shipyard.

The new business model focuses on a more specialized shipyard, and a new offer to use facilities and other areas of the yard to external businesses. “We will continue to have a shipyard, but one which also entails a reorganization of part of the production at Lindo from ship building to alternative utilization of the workforce and production machinery. Our wish is to keep a shipyard and other production at Lindo. Therefore, we have agreed upon a new business model which is creative and forward thinking, but also realistic and necessary,” said Chairman Lars-Erik Brenoe after the board meeting. There will be three business areas: a shipyard, an industry part, and some shared facilities. In the future, the shipyard will concentrate on producing smaller ships, including, potentially, ships for the offshore area. At the same time, external businesses will be allowed to make use of the Lindo facilities for the production of heavy steel products.

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