Korean Navy’s new submarine makes deepest dive in its history

The Korean Navy has recently completed the final test dive during sea acceptance tests for its rescue submersible ROKS ‘DSRV II’.

Built by Scotland’s James Fisher Defence (JFD), this submarine is the first in Korea to be classed with Lloyd’s Register. During its final dive, the vessel achieved a depth of 507 metres, the deepest recorded dive in the history of the Korean Navy. ROKS ‘DSRV II’ was built to a design based on the Glasgow-based JFD’s Deep Search and Rescue (DSAR) 500 Class submarine rescue vehicle platform. Its construction, which draws on the JFD’s experience in global submarine rescue operations and participation in submarine rescue, was overseen by Lloyd’s Register. Surveyor Paul Marshall from the Glasgow office, dealt with most of the production and testing during construction and Liz Kennedy from the hull office, coordinated the global involvement of Lloyd’s Register in the project. The test dives, from the Chung-Hae-Jin, the ROK Navy’s multipurpose salvage and submarine rescue ship, were monitored by Lloyd’s Register Asia’s Korean surveyors Jae Sun Kim and Hein Leemhuis. The DSAR 500 Class rescue submersible is light, manoeuvrable and highly capable incorporating several significant advances in rescue technology.

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