Japan’s major yards post high completion volume figures for 2008

Six major Japanese builders have posted the completion volumes of their shipyards for 2008, showing a total of 108 ships built in the heavy industries, totaling some 7.24 million GT, an increase of 18.2 percent over 2007.

Universal Shipbuilding posted a completion volume of more than two million GT for the second year in a row; while the main shipyard at Maizuru Shipyard’s completion volume was over one million GT. The other four yards posted completion volume figures of 2.07 million GT. The overall completion volume at Mitsui Engineering & Shipbuilding (MES) was 1.35 million, which represents a 14.4 percent increase from 2007. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries’ completion volume saw an increase of nearly one third at 32.2 percent (1.34 million FT), IHC Marine’s overall completion volume was up 42.2 percent (1.21 million) and Kawasaki posted a 46.3 percent increase from 2007 at 790,000GT.

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