Milford Haven Service takes delivery of ‘Svitzer Kilroom’

The third in a series of six high-performance terminal escort tugs, the ‘Svitzer Kilroom’ entered service at the Dragon LNG terminal in Milford Haven, UK.

The ‘Svitzer Kilroom’ is the largest and most powerful of the RAstar series of tugs being built for this major terminal operation, all to the new RAstar designs developed by Vancouver-based naval architech Robert Allan. This RAstar 3900-class tug was constructed by Freire Construcciones Navales of Vigo, Spain and completed trials in early December, 2008. In addition to this 39-metre tug, a series of five smaller sisters tugs of the RAstar 3400-class are also being built by Freire. ‘Svitzer Kilroom’ measures 39.1 metres in overall length on a moulded beam of 14.7 metres and a moulded depth of 6.11 metres. The vessel is equipped for typical ship-handling and escort work, with a Rolls-Royce model TW 3000/1000H single drum hawser winch on the fore deck, with a capacity for 250 metres of 76mm diameter high strength towline.

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