MIS floats out Hull 107

UAE based fabricator Maritime Industrial Services has loaded out its third jack-up rig, Hull 107, well ahead of schedule and in what it said was a “more advanced” state of completion.

The rig is due to start a contract in February 2010 with KSAM2 Petrodrill Offshore, a joint venture of MIS with Singapore’s KS Energy Services and Saudi Arabia’s Amwal Al Khaleej. The jack-up is the first built to the Friede & Goldman Super Mod 2 design and is rated to drill to a depth of 30,000 feet in water up to 300 feet deep. MIS said the rig was loaded out at a weight of 5200 tonnes, compared to 4200 tonnes for its two previous rigs, Hull 104 and Hull 105, meaning less work will need to be carried out to equip the rig at the quayside. The extra weigh includes four living quarter modules and 150 tonnes of steel outfitting. MIS said 80% of mechanical installation had been completed on Hull 107 compared with 40% on the previous rigs. “We’re very pleased to see such visible benefits of our steep learning curve which is already delivering results for Hull 107,” said MIS chief executive Kevin Hudson. MIS said it currently has seven rigs being built in its yard in Sharjah and due for delivery this year and next.

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