Steamship Mutual launches new crew Pre-Employment Medical Examination scheme

Steamship Mutual, a leading P&I Club providing marine liability insurance worldwide, today announces it is launching a structured Pre-Employment Medical Examination scheme.

The PEME scheme will provide enhanced medical test and screenings to Members’ crew and forms part of the Club’s overall loss prevention initiative. Initially based in the Philippines and using only pre-approved, recommended clinics to conduct the high quality PEMEs, the scheme is designed to ensure that crew are fit to serve at sea and to protect shipowners and the Club against the risk of unnecessary loss and liability arising from crew illness. Chris Adams, Steamship Mutual’s Head of Loss Prevention, said, “Whilst many crew already undergo medical screenings prior to employment, the quality and range of tests conducted can be variable. It is evident from the Club’s claims experience, that it is not uncommon for symptoms of serious illness to manifest themselves within just a few days of a crew member joining a ship, with inevitable and expensive consequences.” “The enhanced Steamship Mutual PEME will be more rigorous in order to detect unfit crew and reduce the potential for unnecessary claims. Our scheme aims to reduce the likelihood that individuals who are medically unfit are given clearance to serve at sea.” Steamship Mutual (managed by Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited) is a leading provider of Protection & Indemnity (P&I) insurance.

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